When it comes to your morning beauty routine, it's amazing how much time you can spend primping and polishing before you have to head out the door. It's estimated that the average woman spends almost an hour on makeup every morning — time that could definitely be used for eating a healthy breakfast or catching up on a few more minutes of sleep.

But how can you speed that process along while still looking fabulous out and about? If you're wanting to cut down on time spend in front of the mirror without compromising a polished appearance, then here are three time-saving beauty services you should invest in.

Eyebrow Threading

Do you spend a dozen or so minutes in front of the mirror after your shower searching for and plucking stray eyebrow hairs? Try getting your eyebrows threaded instead. The process is safe, delicate, and all-natural — no oils, creams, or waxes to be found. Eyebrow threading is the removal of excess eyebrow hair by using a piece of thread to grab each individual hair and pluck it out.

The results from threading last around three to four weeks (the same as waxing), as it removes hair by the root and doesn't cause post-tweezing acne, nor does it result in ingrown hairs. Scheduling a brief threading appointment once a month can help you save time in the morning and still have fabulous-looking brows.

Lash Extensions

Do you spend tons of time coaxing your naturally short lashes into long, luscious lines? Or do you use that time instead to apply false eyelashes to mimic long lashes? If so, eyelash extensions are the time-saver for you.

Lash extensions come in a range of prices, materials, lengths, and curls, and can be perfectly customized to your face. Extensions last about three weeks on average (provided you take care of them) and remove the mascara step from your makeup process, saving you time.

Lash Tinting

If you've got light blonde hair, you know the struggle of having to apply coat after coat of mascara just to make your lashes visible, let alone thicker, fuller, or longer. For those whose eyelashes can't be seen with the naked eye, lash tinting is the way to go to save time in the morning.

Lash tinting lasts about three to four weeks and is available in black, brown-black, and brown (for those with really light natural hair). Setting up an appointment once a month or so can really save you time in the morning when your eyelashes are already out and ready to play when you wake up — no mascara required.