Many women turn to wigs for their hair care needs. The reasons vary, but wigs are often easier to care for and style than natural hair. Wigs also provide far more versatility than natural hair ever could. You can wear a kinky hair wig one day and a short and sassy straight bob the next day. Of course, wigs are also a blessing to girls and women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation or others who have lost their hair for medical reasons. Wigs are also a lot of fun when it comes time for dress-up and costumes. Whatever your reason for wearing wigs, it's important you know how to care for them properly. Here is what you need to know to care for a synthetic wig.

Use A Wig Stand

Styling your synthetic wig is so much easier when you have a wig stand to place it on. Of course, a synthetic wig cannot be styled with hot rollers and curling irons, as that would ruin the fibers, but a synthetic wig can still be styled with traditional rollers, clips, barrettes, bobby pins, and styling products, such as mousse or hairspray. You can give a straight-haired wig a temporary scrunchy style with sultry waves that look like you spent the day having fun in the sun at the beach. You can put it up in a ponytail. But without a wig stand, you'll have a hard time doing anything.

A wig stand will also help keep your wig looking good. When you take your wig off at the end of the day, "hang" it up on the wig stand. Simply tossing in a dresser drawer will result in a wig that needs to be combed or re-styled when you want to wear it again. Had it simply been placed on a wig stand, it would be ready and waiting for the next time.

Wash In Cold Water

Your synthetic wig needs to be washed in cold water. When you apply the conditioner, that will need to be done in cold water as well. Just like you can't use heated styling tools, you can't use hot water, either. Be sure to rinse your wig by submerging it in water for five minutes to ensure all the conditioner is removed.

Don't Towel Dry Your Wig

You can gently pat a towel on your wig, but don't fluff it up with a towel or you will end up with snarls. Gently shake the wig free of any excess water and place it on its wig stand to dry. Use your fingers to shape it as it dries naturally. Remember, don't use a hair dryer.