Hair replacement products are usually made from human hair or synthetic materials. While people have often opted for human hair wigs in the past because they looked more natural, synthetic technologies have created new cyberhair products which have benefits over even natural hair.

What is cyberhair and what are its benefits?

What Is Cyberhair?

Cyberhair is an advanced type of synthetic hair. It is made from polyamide fibers. The hair starts life as colored pellets. These pellets go through a high-temperature heat process to melt them down. They are then crystallized and shaped until they closely resemble natural hair.

Why Wear a Cyberhair Wig?

If you need or want to wear a wig, then you might not like synthetic products. They might not look and move naturally. While human hair wigs look better, they still won't act in the same way as the hair you used to have.

During its manufacture, cyberhair is shaped to look and act just like natural hair. Its strands aren't straight and uniform like other synthetics. Each strand has the same kinds of microscopic indentations and ridges that you find on natural hair. So the strands, and the hair replacement products they make, look much more real. Their precise shaping helps them reflect light just like natural hair. They also move in much the same way.

As well as looking more natural, cyberhair also has some practical advantages. For example, these wigs are a lot lighter and easier to wear. Natural hair wigs often feel heavy on the head. Cyberhair wigs typically last longer than natural or basic synthetic alternatives. Unlike natural hair wigs, their strands won't become brittle and break off. They don't fade in natural sunlight. Their color permeates right down into each strand, so every wig looks vibrant for longer.

You can even get these wigs wet without worrying about how they look. Natural hair wigs don't always react well to water, especially if you have a more complex style. They often look artificial when they are wet. They can't necessarily bounce back to their original shape and style.

Cyberhair wigs are designed to keep their shape, even if they get wet. The strands have a high moisture content. So, they react to water in much the same way as real human hair.

If you do decide to take this route, contact local beauty and fashion companies that sell Akanu cyberhair wigs.