Did you go to college only to discover that it wasn't for you? Perhaps the classes were too structured or perhaps you just didn't feel like this was where you would find your destiny. If you are done with college but you still want to pursue a career, you may be a bit frustrated deciding what that career is supposed to be for you. From being an entrepreneur to heading to the world of beauty with a career in cosmetology, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your future.

Being An Entrepreneur - Perhaps you have decided that you don't want a career that always has you answering to a boss. Maybe you are artistic or you are gifted in being a good sales person. It could even be that you have been thinking about starting your own car washing company or your own band. Consider what you could do that would bring you both satisfaction and enough money to live on in the style that you want. Consider, too, if you have enough in savings, or if you will need to work, say as a waiter, while your own business is taking off. It might be good for you to write down an actual plan, stating what your goal is and how you plan to reach it.

Receiving Training - Even if you have decided that you don't want to go to a regular college or university, you might realize that you want a career where you receive training and credentials to show that you are certified in a certain field. Have you always been fascinated by the beauty and fashion world? If so, maybe a career in cosmetology is just what you would love as your profession. Think about what that world would hold for you. Maybe you would like to learn the art of cosmetology for the theater, television and movies. It might be that you realize your goal would be to actually teach cosmetology. Either way, attending cosmetology school might be just the ticket for you. You will more than likely be taught by others who have a passion for the world of beauty, individuals who themselves are trained and who have the experience to guide you to the specialty you want in cosmetology. Find out whether you will be going to cosmetology classes full time or whether you can still work while you attend a cosmetology school, such as Cannella School of Hair Design.