Are you preparing to go on vacation and want to make sure your body looks appealing in your bathing suit? If your only concern about your body is that your skin is not tan enough, it is possible to obtain the tone you desire before your vacation arrives. You do not have to spend hours in the sun for the look you are going for if you consider a different tanning method. For example, a spray tan can result in a beautiful complexion and the overall tanning process is fast, but the specific timeframe depends on the type of spray tan you are getting. Continue reading if you are interested in a spray tan but do not know if the tanning method is right for you.

What is a Professional Spray Tan?

If you are concerned about spray tans because you have used such products in the past and did not like the results, it might be due to using a self-tanning product. The self-tanning products that are sold in stores are sometimes not of high quality and result in orange or unevenly tanned skin. By going to a professional for your spray tan, a commercial-grade tanning product will be used. The product will be applied via a tanning booth that sprays your body while you are standing inside. The even distribution of the tanning spray results in a tan that is even and creates the look of skin being airbrushed.

Is Preparation Needed for a Spray Tan?

It is important to prepare before visiting a professional for a spray tan if you want the results to be satisfactory. For example, you should moisturize and exfoliate your skin before getting a spray tan so the tanning product will look smoother. However, be sure to not use any products on your skin close to your appointment time, as it should be done a day or several hours before. If you intend to shave your body, it should be done well in advance as well. For specific preparation requirements, contact the company where you intend to get a spray tan.

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

A professional spray tan typically lasts for a week or more, but the timeframe can vary between customers. The reason is that the shade of the tan and how a customer prepares plays a role in how long the tanning product will remain on the skin. For example, a dark spray tan might last longer than a lighter one. The body care products used after a spray tanning product has been applied plays a role in how long the tan lasts as well.

For more info, contact a tanning salon near you.