Finding flattering clothes can be a challenge, but without the proper strategies, even the most flattering outfit can fit poorly. There are several ways you can improve the look and fit of almost any garment.

Wear Proper Undergarments

Whenever you are considering an outfit, you need to start with a good base. Although you might prefer to wear certain undergarments, they may create additional lumps and bumps that make your clothes look unflattering. When selecting panties, you should consider how big the front of the panty is and how much it covers. Women without a flat abdomen should consider briefs, boyshorts, or thongs that adequately cover their midsection. Depending on the clothing you will wear, you also need to select panties that do not create a panty line and are appropriately sized. Even panties that are designed to not have a visible panty line will create one if they are too small and cut into your buttocks.

Similarly, the bras you wear should be properly sized. Ideally, you will have yourself professionally measured at least annually or if there is a significant change in your weight. Bras with wider bands are preferred to cover the back without creating new bulges. Choosing the right cup size and bras designed with fuller coverage will ensure the bra cups lie flat against your skin and do not cut into your breasts or cause a noticeable gap.

Consider Shapewear

Shapewear is another critical component of creating a suitable base for your clothes. There are seemingly endless styles and levels of control, so it can be overwhelming. You should consider purchasing different types of shapewear to match various outfits. For example, shapewear shorts work well with both pants and dresses. They are designed to smooth the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Pants work better for long evening dresses or lightweight, flowy pants. Some shapewear pieces are designed to cover all the abdomen and back and may or may not have an opening that allows the piece to be used with your own bra. This is probably the most versatile type of shapewear, especially since it controls both the back and midsection and works with almost any clothing item.

Select The Appropriate Clothes

No matter how much effort you put into your undergarments and shapewear, you can create an unflattering look by wearing the wrong clothes. Many women run into problems because they select the wrong size clothing and it is either too small or too big. Of course, clothing that is too small is not only uncomfortable, but it will showcase every area you are trying to conceal. Clothing that is too big can make you look larger, and depending on the silhouette, you can look boxy. Structured garments in an appropriate size can work well by helping enhance your figure while concealing areas you do not like. If you want to wear something flowy to conceal a particular area, it should be fitted somewhere to enhance your body. For example, a flowy top or dress can work well to conceal a larger abdomen, but it should be fitted along the bust to avoid looking larger.

Every woman can find outfits that flatter their figure if they work hard to start with an acceptable base. Creating a nice, flattering outfit always begins with suitable undergarments. To learn more about options like women's thigh-slimmer shapewear, contact a supplier.