Changing the shape and contours of your body can be one of the more effective options for improving your overall appearance. However, there are many individuals who find that they have stubborn fat deposits that are very difficult for them to lose. In these situations, the patient may find that undergoing liposuction at a clinic like Dr. Park Avenue is one of the best options for achieving their desired look.

Will The Effects of Liposuction Last?

There is an assumption among some people that the results of their liposuction treatments will not be lasting. However, it should be noted that the effects of this procedure will largely be permanent. While it is possible for patients to gain weight following their liposuction procedure, the body contours that are created with this procedure will largely be permanent. Due to this, weight gain by the patient will result in an exaggeration of the contours that were created, and this is the reason patients should strive to maintain their weight after undergoing this procedure.

Does Liposuction Have a Lengthy Recovery Period?

Some patients who are considering undergoing liposuction will assume that this procedure will be minor with a light recovery period. However, this procedure can be surprisingly invasive as the patient will likely need to go under full anesthesia. Also, the recovery period for this procedure can be surprisingly lengthy as many patients may find that they experience soreness for up to a couple of weeks after undergoing this procedure. The exact effects that can be expected will vary based on the number of areas that will be treated along with the amount of fat tissue that will be removed. During the initial consultation with the surgeon, you will be given a much better understanding about the recovery that you can expect so that you will be able to make appropriate plans.

How Will You Pay for Your Procedure?

As with any type of surgery, there can be significant expenses involved with undergoing liposuction. Unfortunately, insurance companies will classify this procedure as elective, which will have the result of preventing your policy from covering this expense. Luckily, there are many cosmetic surgery clinics that will be able to provide you with financing opportunities. Approval for these financing terms will require you to meet basic credit and income requirements by the lender, but this can an excellent option for those that are wanting to undergo this surgery but lack the savings to pay the entire costs of this procedure upfront.