A lot of people view getting hair extensions as a purely cosmetic change, and there's nothing wrong with using this fashion accessory to give yourself a thicker head of hair. In other cases, however, you may be struggling with thin hair that affects your self-esteem, and be considering hair extensions. It's worthwhile to visit your local salon to learn more about the different types of extensions, as well as the look that they can help you to achieve. Here are three scenarios in which hair extensions may be appropriate for you — and in which they may go a long way toward improving how you view yourself.

1. Pregnancy Hair Loss

Pregnancy is a happy time in the lives of most women who go through it, but it can lead to a series of difficult side effects, including hair loss. Many women lose some of their hair while they're pregnant or breastfeeding, and it may take a long time before this hair grows back. For some women, the hair doesn't grow back, and they face thin hair indefinitely. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding and are concerned about your thinning hair, hair extensions can be the answer.

2. Age-Related Hair Loss

It's also common for women's hair to get thinner as they age. As you get older, you might be aware of more hair on the bathroom counter or floor when you're finished brushing your hair, or on the floor of the shower after you've washed your hair. You may even be thinking about a different type of hairstyle that can make your thinning hair less evident, such as wearing it up so that the length of it covers the thin areas of your scalp. Instead of having to change your hairstyle, consider getting hair extensions. They'll give you the freedom to continue to wear your hair however you want.

3. Medical-Related Hair Loss 

Certain medications can cause your hair to thin. If you're taking thyroid medication, medication for depression, or a host of other types of pharmaceuticals, they may help you with whatever condition you're experiencing — but also leave you with thinning hair. While you might think about discontinuing the use of these drugs, doing so isn't advisable because this decision may end up affecting your overall health. You're better off considering an alternative such as hair extensions, which can provide a thicker head of hair while you continue to take the medication that you need.

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